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Hi family and friends.  I am back with a updated web site in 2017! You can follow what my family and I have been up to – marathons and triathlon , travel, work, and much more.


In 2008 we moved from our old home where my parents had lived every year of my life. As Dr. Seuss says, "don't cry because its over, smile because it happened". So with that in mind, we are thankful for the memories and looking forward to the future with much joy and excitement. 

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The Home where I grew up

Moved to New Home in 2008

San Francisco June 2009

MATC Horticulture Program

 Now events in three last three years

The last three I have started new things Doing triathlon with a team called Tri Wisconsin is a fun team with great people and picked up Dancing with Danceworks of Milwaukee and Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Milwaukee doing ballroom dancing.   Yoga training and more events 

 Marathon Adventures                       


Through out my years, I've enjoyed running both the small and big marathons in the United States. I've also enjoyed traveling outside of the country with a group called Marathon Tours.  With that group, my brother and I completed a goal of running the 7 Continents. We started that goal in 2000 and we finished our 7th continent in 2013 . Read more on the next page.


The 7 Continents Club 

Badgerland Striders

Antarctica & South America 2006

The Great Wall Marathon Trip to China 2008

The Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge 2010

Kenya Safaricom 2010


Badgerland Striders    

The 7 Continents Club 

Tri Wisconsin

USA Triathlon

Danceworks of Milwaukee

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Milwaukee

Performance Running Outfitters Race Team

Southeast Wisconsin Master Gardeners

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

Ancient Order of Hibernians - Milwaukee Division

Youth For Understanding - Intercultural Exchange Programs


Now events in the last three years
Walt Disney World College Internship in Orlando, FL
I've had two internships at Walt Disney World and was a Disney Campus Rep at MATC where I went to school in Milwaukee, WI. I talked with students about a cool internship at Disney and at the same time I finished my Horticulture program. Read more on the next page.

Walt Disney World Campus Rep

Walt Disney World – Horticulture Internship

Returning for more fun at Walt Disney World - June 2009

 Work and Landscape Service Experience


Working is something that I enjoy.  Over the past several years, I've worked three jobs at Tripoli Country Club , iPic Entertainment, and David J Frank Landscaping: Throughout the summer months, I also enjoy taking on different landscaping projects, I have worked for my friends in the Milwaukee area.


David J Frank Landscaping:

      Landscape Projects 

I-Pic Entertainment

Tripoli Country Club

Making a Cedar Strip Kayak

I would like to share with you the making of my cedar strip Kayak.  Today I use the kayak on local lakes and rivers to enjoy our wonderful wildlife up close, and am stopped often by other kayakers wanting to know more about my kayak. 

Travel  Adventures        

In 2008, I was able to visit two continents in one summer.  Mid May, I visited China.  In July, I had a second awesome trip to Peru.  There I hiked the Inca Trails near Pizac for nearly four days and traveled to Machu Picchu for the thrill of a lifetime. Also took a few cool trips in the U.S.A.. I saw Yosemite National Park with my brother's church group from St. Vincent de Paul in San Francisco. I had other fun adventure in Wisconsin Dells.

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New Zealand 2000

Antarctica & South America

The Great Wall Marathon Trip to China 2008

Trip to Peru in July 2008

Yosemite National Park

San Francisco June 2009

Kenya Safaricom 2010

Water Adventures

Great Outdoors

My Favorite Podcasts:
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 John Tresh Radio Show - great listening for all ages.